About Us

This Family Adventures is our blog of our travels and adventures as a family. 

Hopefully our documenting our travels we can help you plan your own adventures and learn from some of the mistakes we make along the way. 

Part of the inspiration for this blog was a frustration of sorts at the lack of adventures for families that I wanted to go on. 

Most where days out with kids to an amusement park or a zoo, don’t get me wrong we do that stuff as well but it’s not really an adventure. 

The type of adventures I’m interested in our travelling different countries, exploring local culture and food and escaping the British weather! 

I want our kids to have a sense of adventure, that teaches them that the journey is the adventure not always the destination. 

Whether that be climbing a mountain, surfing the west coast of France or Sailing the Norfolk Broads (hopefully the Med at some point or even through the canals of France). 

I don’t know where the journey will take us but that is the spirit of adventure. 

Let us know about your own adventures and keep in touch.